Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mama Carmen (Photo Essay)

I've been thinking a lot lately about Mama Carmen.

We met in 2006 in a HiperPaiz store in Guatemala City. Many years before, her son had gotten in trouble and disappeared, and she promised God that she would spend her life caring for unloved children if He would bring back her son. It is a long and amazing story, but the son was miraculously returned, and Mama Carmen began keeping her promise. When that son was dying a few years later, he made Mama Carmen promise that she would never stop caring for children. She has spent her life keeping her promise to God and to her dying son.

Mama Carmen was facing some big problems in 2006. One night, she argued with God, telling Him that this was His ministry, that she was only His instrument, and that she never knew there would be so many kids and so much need. She went to sleep and had a dream. She saw a face, understood the name "Joe," and understood that "help would come through this man." She saw me the next day in HiperPaiz, and recognized the face. She sent two girls over to ask me if my name was "Joe," and that was the start of a great friendship for which I am profoundly grateful.

There is a much longer version of the story, but that is enough for now. Mama Carmen has faced a lot of struggles lately, and she could use your prayers.


Judith and Dorcas in HiperPaiz - The day I met Mama Carmen